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Aadhar Self Service Update Portal – Online

Aadhar Self Service Update Portal

Aadhar Self Service Update Portal is available for those people who want to update or make changes in any of their Aadhaar card related information. This type of information possibly includes name, date of birth, dress, age, etc. on the UID (Unique Identity Number). Every Aadhaar card holder holds a unique identification number through which it becomes easy to identify him/her as a citizen of India. To get an Aadhaar card, you have to visit your nearest Aadhaar card center. As an alternative, you can also download the application form from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) website, here.

Visit the online Aadhaar self-service update portal:

The UIDAI offers Aadhaar self-service update portal via its website. It allows the users to submit any query or request if they want to update modify their details about Aadhaar card. Through Aadhaar self-service update portal, one can also update or change his mobile number being registered to Aadhaar.

You can update your Aadhaar related information by going obeying the following steps:

  • First of all, go to the official website of UIDAI.
  • Then, log in with your Aadhaar card number.
  • Subsequently, upload the updated information.
  • In the end, choose the BPO service provider.

Update your address via Aadhar Self Service Update Portal:

You can make use of Aadhaar card related tools that the website of UIDAI provided for updating your Aadhaar card related info online. You need to obey the below-mentioned steps in case you want to upgrade your address via Aadhaar self-service update portal.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of UIDAI.
  • Search for the ‘Update Aadhaar Details (Online)’ tool. You could see this tool under the sub-section named Aadhaar Update.
  • After clicking on it, type your Aadhaar number comprised of 12 digits. Subsequently, click on send One Time Password (OTP).

NOTE: you will only be able to receive OTP via your mobile number registered to Aadhaar.

  • Now enter the received OTP in the specified area under Aadhaar self-service update portal.
  • Then go to the next page claiming Data Update Request. You could see different options there including name, date of birth (DOB), gender, address. From these options, select ‘Address.’
  • NOTE: this webpage under Aadhaar self-service update portal allows you the users to make changes in their desired field. All you need is to select the required field and then continue.
  • Now, you will be able to update your address after selecting the ‘Address’ field. A new webpage will appear in front of you. It will ask you to enter your contact details there. For the convenience of users, Aadhaar self-service update portal enables its users to update info in the language of their choice.
  • You can also check the information you already provided on this webpage for updating or modifying.
  • You also possibly have to submit some attested documents as a proof of your address at this point.

Note: the Aadhaar self-service update portal accepts various documents for supporting a change in your address.

Example of the documents:

As per the website of UIDAI, you possibly require to upload the following documents to update or modify your address in your Aadhaar card via Aadhaar self-service update portal:

  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Statement of post office account
  • Bank statement
  • Driving license
  • Voter ID
  • Bill of water, electricity, and

Note: UAIDA will not accept old bills of over three months.

Estimated time consumed by Aadhar Self Service Update Portal:

Right after submission of your request to change the address, the Aadhaar self-service update portal displays on the screen the estimated time it will take to fix update or make changes in your address. Moreover, it also provides the user with an Update Request Number (URN) after submitting a request. The user can use this URN to keep a track on the status of his application.

You can use the same steps mentioned above for submitting a request regarding an update or change in other details such as gender, name, mobile number, etc.

Update your Aadhaar card via Aadhar Self Service Update Portal whenever required:

Since Aadhaar card is mandatory for every single native of India, it should be updated when needed. One might require updating an Aadhaar card in case of any misinformation or incorrect data provided due to less focused typing. Furthermore, you also need to update your name after your marriage if you are a female. This is because of the name of your guardian changes as with the changing of your marital status. Apart from that, you require changing your address in case you change your residence.



Aadhar Self Service Update Portal – Online
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