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Get Aadhar Card for Kids and New Born Babies – Aadhar Enrollment Guide

How to get Aadhar Card for Kids?

Every Indian Citizen is eligible for Aadhar Enrollment Process irrespective of their age and gender. In some case, NRI can also Apply for Aadhar Card. Previously we have seen the Process of aadhar enrollment for Adults and senior citizen. In this Post, we are going to discuss How to get aadhar card for Kids and Babies.

Important Points before Aadhar Enrollment for Kids

  • Only Children over 1 year of age are eligible to apply for Aadhar Enrollment Process.
  • The Bio-metric data will be taken 2 times for kids. For children above the age of 5 for them bio metric data, i.e., a scan of the applicant’s fingerprint. And retina will be taken and it will be linked to his/her Aadhar card when turns 15 years of age.
  • In Case If Your children are below the age of 5, bio-metric data will not be considered. Because till the Age of 5 The Hand Impressions Keep Changing of Kid so the current finger Prints can’t be recorded for Aadhar card. In this case, the children’s account will simply be linked to the parent/ guardian. Bio-metrics will be done after attaining 5 years of age.
  • After completing 15 years, bio-metrics data will be taken once again and then it will be linked to child’s Aadhar Card. Photograph of a child is also taken when He/She completed 15 years.

Procedure to make Aadhar Card for Kids

  • The complete Process will be done by the Parents. First Parent has to Collect all the Necessary Documents Listed Below. Then they will have to enroll for Aadhar card registration.
  • This form will then have to be filled in with all the required details such as name, age and so on along with contact details of the parents.
  • The applicant will have to provide Following details like the location of the child, his/her parent’s address, locality, State/Union Territory etc. Now visit Nearest aadhar card Kendra.
  • On the date of the appointment, the applicant will have to provide necessary documents and the reference number along with a print out of the form to the Centre. At the Centre, all documents will be first verified, It includes the Aadhar Details of Parents.
  • Once this is done, in case the child is above 5 years old, his/her biometric details will be taken and then linked to his/her Aadhar card. after when he/she Reached at the age of 15 Once again New Biometric and Photograph will be taken of Child.

Documents Required to make Aadhar Card for Kids

  • First of all Birth Certificate of Child is Compulsory.
  • ID Proof of Child’s Parents (EX. PAN card, Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, Passport, Ration Card, Voter ID Card)

When the Procedure will complete You will get one acknowledgment Number of aadhar enrollment process. This will be used as a future reference when Kid will complete 15 Years. After 15 years Biometrics will be taken by UIDAI to Complete final Process.

New Step by UIDAI

Now a days hospitals are providing the services to get aadhar card for new born babies on spot & you may no need to run to UIDAI Enrollment Center to prove your Identity again. This is also called baal card & it is blue in color.

  • Get it parents ASAP for you junior as it’s your duty It is very beneficial for Scholarships, mutual funds, Bank minor accounts. Initially not many documentation is required but later on you may need to provide like Bonafide Certificate and you know it’s a pain to take off from office & run behind school authorities for it.
Get Aadhar Card for Kids and New Born Babies – Aadhar Enrollment Guide
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