Link Aadhar Card with Ration Card - Aadhaar Seeding Guide

Link Aadhar Card with Ration Card – Aadhar Seeding Guide

Know about Ration Card

Welcome Once again in Aadhar Guide Portal. So, In Previous Posts, we have seen that How To Link PAN Card and Voter ID Card with Aadhar Card. In this Post, we are Going to Discuss How to Link Aadhaar Card with Rasan Card (Ration card).

Before Moving Forward If you don’t know about Ration Card then It’s official document enable the holder to a ration of food, fuel, or other goods issued by the Government of India. If any Indian Citizen wants to Purchase Subsidy Food Stuff under Concerned Authorities than they Must need one Ration Card. The card is especially Made for the Poor and Downtrodden People who can’t able to make both hands meet in their Life.

How to get Ration Card?

Ration cards are needed to obtain subsidized food and fuel (Kerosene). Eligibility for the Antyodaya, BPL and APL ration cards are based on the economic status of the family. To get an APL or BPL card in the state of Delhi, the applicant must present two copies of a photograph of the head of the family (HoF), proof of identity and address and a ₹25 fee, along with the old ration card, if any. The Total Process takes approximately one month. Rasan Card is also Helpful in Social Security Benefits. The Main Purpose of Ration Card is to allow the holder to obtain food or other commodities that are in short supply during wartime or in other emergency situations when rationing is in force.

There are Three Card Categories issued by Government in Ration Card:

  • Extreme poverty level (Antyodaya)
  • Below poverty line (BPL)
  • Above poverty line (APL)

How to Link Aadhar with Ration Card?

Like every ID Card, You can Link aadhar with Ration Card in 2 ways Either ONLINE or OFFLINE. We will discuss both the method then you have to decide which one is easy and fast.

Link Aadhar with Ration Card Online

  • First You Need to Open the Official Website of “Aadhar Seeding” (Also Known as an e-Aadhaar section of the UIDAI Portal.)
  • Then Click On “START NOW” Button and Enter your Full Address, State, and District Details.
  • Now you need to Select the Option of “RATION CARD”
  • In order to Link your Ration Card with Aadhar Enter Ration Card and Aadhar Details with Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • Now You will receive one OTP. Enter the OTP in Given Window with Captcha code for Verification.
  • After this Process, you will see one message that Your application process was successful.

This means this Your Application is Accepted by Officials and is Under Verification Mode. Once it will verify than Your Ration Card will Link with Your Aadhar Card.

Link Aadhaar card to Ration Card through SMS

This is by far the Best and fastest way to Link your aadhar card with Ration card. In this Procedure, You only have to send one SMS and after verification, Both will be linked. Follow the Given Format of SMS:

UID SEED <State Short Code> <Scheme/Program Short Code> <Scheme/Program ID> <Aadhaar No>

For Example:- UID SEED PB POSC 1234567 12345/12345/1234

Link Aadhar with Ration Card Offline

If you are Living in Suburban area and don’t have Internet access then Kindly Follow this Offline method to Link aadhar with Ration Card offline.

  • First Collect Your Family Member’s Aadhar Card’s and Ration Card’s Photo Copies.
  • In case If you haven’t linked your Aadhar with Bank you need to Submit Bank Passbook Photocopy.
  • Along with the Passport size Photo copy of your Family head go to Ration Office to submit all the documents.
  • Once it will be verified by the Authorities and Ration department, you will be notified by SMS or email about your Linking Status.

What is ORANGE Ration Card?

As we have Discuss Ration Card is Divided into 3 categories. There are three types of cards, Yellow, Orange, and White. The Yellow cards are given to families below the poverty line. Orange card is for those having an annual income between Rs.15,000/- and Rs.1 Lakh. Recently Government has introduced PINK RATION CARD (PINK) The Ration Card is issued by the State Government.

Documents Required for Ration Card as an Address Proof

Here is a complete List of Documents Required for Ration card:

  • Elесtriсitу Bill
  • Wаtеr Bill
  • Gаѕ Cоnnесtiоn Bill
  • Pаѕѕроrt
  • Vоtеr ID
  • Aаdhааr саrd
  • Bаnk Pаѕѕbооk
  • Hоmе Rеgiѕtrаtiоn
  • If уоu livе in a rеntаl house rental аgrееmеnt.

So We hope You are able to understand the Whole Process. Let us know if you still have any doubts.

Link Aadhar Card with Ration Card – Aadhar Seeding Guide
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