When You are Unable to Receive OTP from UIDAI

What to do when You are Unable to Receive OTP from UIDAI? – Solution of Aadhar OTP Problem

Aadhar OTP Problem

Nowadays Many People Faces Problem of Not Getting OTP While Checking Aadhar Card status or Downloading E-aadhar Card Online. When You check Your Aadhar Application status You need to enter Your Registered Mobile Number for Verification Purpose. Then You need to Submit the OTP. without OTP you can’t able to check Aadhar Application Status. What to do when You are Unable to Receive OTP from UIDAI? Let’s have a all scenarios.

“OTP is an ONE TIME PASSWORD and only valid for a Particular time after that It will Expire. In Most of the Online Transaction and Banking Transaction OTP is the way to Verify the Ownership of Account Owner.”

In Aadhar Enrollment Process, Applicant needs to Provide his/her Mobile number so that they can get OTP whenever they want to check/Download Aadhar details. But many times Applicant don’t get OTP and they can’t be able to check their Application status and Updates.

So, in this Post, we are going to discuss What to do when You don’t Receive an OTP.

Reasons for Not Receiving OTP

There are several reasons of Not Receiving OTP for Aadhar Update Process. They are as Follows:

  • It is possible that You have Provided Wrong Mobile Number at the time of Aadhar Enrolment Process.
  • Maybe Your Registered Mobile Number is Blocked or Cancelled by Your Service Provider.
  • Sometimes There Could be some Network Issue in some Areas.
  • Your SIM Card has Block or Stolen.

Solution of Aadhar OTP Problem

We have Listed some of the Solution of Aadhar OTP Problem.

NOTE:- In the case of Wrong Mobile Number Registration at Aadhar Enrollment Process You need to Update Your Aadhar Details First then and then You can able to get OTP.

  • Network Problem – If you belong to Rural/Village Area then It is Likely possible that you don’t get Aadhar OTP because of Network Problem. So, to solve this Problem You make Sure that You are in the Coverage area.
  • Mobile Number Block/Blacklisted – Sometimes It’s Possible that Your Mobile number has been Blocked by Your Service Provider and You don’t Even know about that. In this case, Contact Your Service Provider and Solve the Issue. You can also get New active SIM card with Same number with different service Provider using MNP (Mobile Network Portability) Process.
  • Phone Storage Capicity is Full – Due to Low Phone storage, You can’t be able to receive OTP. In this case, you can Move Some files to SD card to Free some Space in your Phone so that You can get New Messages.
  • Wrong Mobile Number Registration – Now in this Case you need to Do Aadhar Correction at Aadhar Card Centre. You need to Provide Right Mobile Number to UIDAI to get OTP and For that Aadhar Update Process comes in the Picture. Update your Aadhar Detail as soon as Possible to get OTP.
What to do when You are Unable to Receive OTP from UIDAI? – Solution of Aadhar OTP Problem
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