What is Adhaar Card Password of PDF? Print E-aadhar - 【2019】

What is Password to Open Your E-aadhar PDF? Download and Print E-aadhar

Nowadays India is one of the Fastest Growing Economy in the World. PM of India Mr.Modi has Started to Taking Strict Action Against Black Money Holders by Banning Rs.500 and Rs.1000 Old Currency Notes. There are Many Reason to Take this Steps. How to get Adhaar Card Password, bear with me, I’ll explain all in easy manner.

One of the Biggest reason is to remove Corruption (Corruption is like Diabetes We can Reduce or Control it But Can’t Remove Totally From the Base – But Let’s Hope for the Best) From India and Second Most Important Reason is to Make INDIA DIGITAL.

We know the In Many Developed Country Like USA and UK Majority of Transactions are Caseless. So, By taking this Steps We are Taking the First Steps to CASELESS INDIA. PM Modi’s Campaign to Make India Digital and Caseless Involves in Many Sectors.

Let’s Jump to the Topic and Try to Relate Digital India Concept in Government Sector. We can see E-aadhar Card is Known as DIGITAL AADHAR CARD PROOF. Now we Don’t Have to Wait So Long after Filling Aadhar Card Application Form that is Approx 90 Days or 3 Months.

We have Earlier Seen that How we can Check Eaadhar Status Online and Download Eaadhar Card. But In case If you have Missed that Part Let’s Quickly Revise the Process.

Steps to Check Aadhar Status at UIDAI

Follow this Steps to Check your Aadhar Status.

  • Go to UIDAI Portal. (www.uidai.gov.in)
  • Click on Check Aadhar Status Tab.
  • Enter Your EID Means Enrollment Number given on the Aadhar Form Slip.
  • Enter Date and Time Given on Aadhar Slip.
  • Provide Registered Mobile Number.
  • Provide Security Captcha Code.
  • Enter OTP You got in Your Cell and HIT Enter.

Congratulations! This is the Basic Process of Checking Aadhar Status. Now if your Aadhar Card has Generated You can See new Window with Your Aadhar Card either It will Saw Aadhar Is not Generated. In this Case, Wait for Some more Days and Check after Sometimes.

Now You can Download Your Aadhar PDF. BUT Wait After Downloading Aadhar PDF when You Try to Open the PDF they will Ask you to enter the Security Code.

Reason to Provide Password in Eaadhar PDF

You can see One Barcode in the Front side of Aadhar Card. It is Easily Scanned by Different Softwares. Hence, There is a Possibility that Anyone can Scan your Barcode and Get your Information like Name, Address, Mobile Number etc.

In order to Prevent, the Theft UIDAI has Secure the PDF with 6 Digit Password. So let’s See What is the Password to Open Eaadhar PDF.

Password to Open Eaadhar PDF

After Downloading Eaadhar from UIDAI, You have to Provide Password. It is very Simple.


Take an Example If you are Living in Mumbai Malad Password Can be 400091 or Something Like this.

It is required to Know your AREA PINCODE. If you don’t know Ask Some other Person Living Nearby You to Provide the PINCODE.

So, Now We can Assume that You know the Full Process from How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online to Eaadhar PDF Password. If you Still have any Issue with the Process We are happy to Assist you.

Write Down your Issue Below at Comment Section and We will Get back ASAP.

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What is Password to Open Your E-aadhar PDF? Download and Print E-aadhar
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